SWH CCURE 9000 Level 4 - Enterprise Solution
Duration 3 days
Team Tyco Security Products Training - EMEA
  • MAS/SAS Enterprise System Overview
  • MAS/SAS servers Pre-installation Tasks
  • Microsoft SQL Server installation
  • C•CURE9000 Master Server Install
  • C•CURE9000 Satellite Server install
  • Synchronisation and solving Synchronisation conflicts
  • MAS and SAS Configuration and Operation
  • Global Objects
  • Personnel Imports/Exports
  • Local and Global Monitoring
  • Upgrading a Standalone Server to SAS
Pre-Requisites Objectives
This course is designed for the delegate to understand C•CURE 9000 Enterprise architecture and to install and configure Master Application Server (MAS) and Site Application Server (SAS).

The Enterprise Architecture - Applications Servers course is intended for technical partners who will design, install, configure and maintain an Enterprise Architecture (Applications Servers) on the end-user security system.

  • Successful completion from C•CURE9000 Level 1 & C•CURE9000 Level 2 course.
  • Practical experience with CCURE 9000 installation and configuration is mandatory. 
  • Deep understanding on Operating Systems and their file structures commensurate with accreditation standards.
  • Deep understanding of Windows Networking using TCP/IP, their terminology, parameters and connection implications.
  • Microsoft Networking Essentials or equivalent
  • Microsoft Windows Server or equivalent
Special Requirements Required Materials:
  • Pen
  • Note Pad
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Online (GMT)English10 Sep 202410, 11, 12 September 20249:00am - 5:00pm1Paul Chisholm
Online (GMT)English16 Sep 202416, 17, 18 September 20249:00am - 5:00pm3Paul Chisholm