DSC Iotega Securenet - English
Duration 1 day
  • Iotega Prodcut Overview
  • Sepcifications, Terminals and Connections
  • Iotega Securenet enrolment
  • Service Packages with Securenet
  • Zones and enrolment
  • Wireless Peripherals (Keypads, fobs, etc.)
  • Cemras and Z-Wave Features
  • System Options
  • Communications Setup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Visual Verification
Pre-Requisites Objectives
This practical one day programme covers the fundamentals for DSC Iotega Alarm System using Securenet Software. All Students will have access to a panel, keypad and detectors and will each be required to wire and programme a panel.

Technicians wishing to Wire, Install and Programme a DSC Iotega Securenet Alarm System.

  • Understanding of basic Intruder concepts
  • An understanding about Windows Operating Systems.
  • An understanding on Windows Networking using TCP/IP, their terminology, parameters and connection implications.
  • A background with handling low voltage electronic devices.
  • A basic understanding on DSC PowerSeries NEO is strongly recommended
Special Requirements Required Materials
  • Pen
  • Note Pad
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